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Deep Red


Hugo Deep Red fragrance is perfect for exhibiting your adventurous, uninhibited spirit in a fresh, unique way. Created in 2001, this women's scent celebrates the Orient's naturally sensual notes of ginger, freesia, blood orange, vanilla and black currant. Wear this scent any time you want to fill a room with your presence and see heads turn in delight and wonder. This fragrance is also great for first dates, romantic wedding anniversary dinners and "painting the town red" nights with the girls.

Fruity and floral, inspired by the intensely sensual and provocative woman who wears it. The curved bottle follows form in a fervid scarlet, with a feel that is modern and cutting-edge.


Top: Pear, Mandarin, Blackcurrant, Bloody Orange
Heart: Freesia, Hibiscus Seeds, Pittosporum, Ginger Blossom
Base: Vanilla, Cedar, White Musks, Mysorian Sandalwood


Floral, fruity