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Éclat d'Arpêge


If you are looking for a poignant floral blend in your next fragrance, Lanvin's Eclat D'arpege combines a host of rich scents, with notes of red peony, wisteria, peach blossom, petitgrain and green lilac, to create a bouquet that you are sure to enjoy wearing when you go out. Eclat D'arpege has become a favorite for women heading anywhere from a Sunday champagne brunch with friends to a matinee with that special someone.

A soft floral fragrance, a sophisticated fruity scent is a blend of Sicilian Lemon Leaves, Lilac Green, Wisteria Flowers, Green Tea Flowers, Peach Flowers, Red Peony,White Cedar of Lebanon, Musk, and Amber.


Top: Lilac, Sicilian Lemon
Heart: Peach Tree Blossom, Wisteria, Red Peony,Green Tea Leaf
Base: White Musks, Precious Amber, White Cedar


Floral, fruity