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Project a spirited aura wearing a women's fragrance that embodies rebellious attitude. Guerlain brings a long tradition of aromatic artistry to the creation of Insolence, a bold scent for the modern woman. Exquisite and ethereal floral elements of iris and violet are enlivened by a cocktail of red fruit accords, including lusciously sweet raspberry. The 2006 release, an inspiration for later reprises, brings the cachet of a legend from the heart of the fragrance industry.

Notes of violet are accompanied by jubilant red berries like raspberry. A hint of orange blossom and rose impart a striking intensity, while sensual iris and tonka bean resins finish the scent.


Top: VIOLET Blossom, Raspberry, Red Fruits
Heart: VIOLET Blossom, Orange Blossom, Rose
Base: Iris, Tonka Bean, Resin


Floral, fruity