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Karl Lagerfeld

Emigrating to Paris in the early 1950s, German born designer Karl Lagerfeld got his start in 1955 with Pierre Balmain after placing second place in a competition to Yves Saint Laurent that saw his entry put into production by Balmain later that year . Leaving in 1958 to take a job with Jean Patou, Lagerfeld who was barely 20 years of age, found his time with Patou to be very education yet extremely trying and left after a year to freelance. By 1964 Lagerfeld had become disillusion with haute couture and left Paris to study art in Italy.

Returning to fashion shortly thereafter, Lagerfeld freelanced with various houses for the better part of his career making a name for himself wherever he journeyed. His aptitude to make bold fashion statements and fearless presentations coupled with his strong tailoring have elevated his work with the houses he has been associated and have made him a mainstay in the industry. His collaborations with various artists across different mediums have brought him international celebrity and recognition while his own persona and distinct image—signature ponytail, dark glasses and gloves, has been immortalized in jewelry, art, dolls, stuffed animals and puppets. 

Karl Lagerfeld has produced fragrances since 1978 when he launched his signature Lagerfeld cologne for men—a strong masculine scent that is surprising not overpowering and has great staying power. His popular women’s perfume, Sun Moon Stars, housed in a midnight blue bottle is as beautiful as it is intoxicating. Other popular Lagerfeld fragrances include Photo, Narcisse, Chole and Kapsule Light.

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